All orders ought to be cancelled by you must be first mandatorily sent to us in writing at with complete order details, product information and specific reason/s to cancel your order. However, in any case and under any event, if you wish to cancel your order then the same must also be mandatorily in accordance with our Cancellation Policy. Therefore, please do read our cancellation policycarefully and categorically.


We in usual course of business and subject to availability of products try to dispatch your order within48 working hours from the time of placing your order. Thereafter, you will be informed mechanically via an emailby us once your order is dispatched. For that reason you must write to us before your order is dispatched by us.

If we receive your cancellation request before your order is dispatched by us then in that event we will reimburse your money within 10 working days from the date of cancellation.

Nonetheless under any event,if we receive your cancellation request after your order is dispatched by us, then in that event you will be under legal duty and obligation to
(1) take proper care of the product if you are in possession of the product,
(2) to return the product in same state, form, order and condition as it was initially dispatched to you and
(3) to return the product only via genuine and reputed courier services. Please take note that it will be your sole responsibility and liability to compensate and indemnify to us for are losses, if under any event, the courier agency damages the cancelled product in any way, form, state or order.

Once we have received the cancelled product, we will verify the state, order and condition of the same and thereafter we will communicate you either via email or phone. We will reimburse the money against the cancelled product within 10 working days. The amount to be reimbursed by us on the cancelled product will be contingent upon the state, order and condition of the returned product received by us. We also reserve our right to deduct shipping charges and/or other amounts, if any,which we will notify you before reimbursing you the outstanding amount.

It is pertinent to note that, if the product which is returned by you is either majorly, completely damaged or is not in resalable condition or is replaced by any another product or is replaced by same product but not belonging to us or you have already used the cancelled product even once then under such circumstances we reserve our legal and equitable rights to not refund the entire amount to you.