Lord Krishna Costume

Jai Shree Krishna We All Know About Lord Krishna Whose Charm Made All Of His Devotees Fall Into His Worship As A Kid Too Lord Krishna Was The Cutest And Naughty Among His Group Of Friends You Can Now Make Your Kid As Cute As The Lord Himself By Getting Him This Costume
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Jai shree krishna. We all know about lord krishna whose charm made all of his devotees fall into his worship. As a kid too lord krishna was the cutest and naughty among his group of friends. You can now make your kid as cute as the lord himself by getting him this costume. Set includes 8 pieces i. E dhoti, 2 pair of armlets, one long scarf, a waist belt made out of cloth, a pair of earrings, a pearls neck piece, a flute(not real), a head gear(footwear and socks not included). The dhoti, cloth waist belt and the long scarf are made up of china silk material. The costume is non itching, non allergic. The first wash has to be dry clean. The costume can be used in school plays, stage shows, birthday parties, festivals like janmashtami etc.
Colors: Orange
Weight: 200 g
Size: S
Made In: India
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